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8Dec2019 J-League Awards honoring players who played in the J-League in 2019. Marcos Juni, the top scorer who will be awarded …

8Dec2019 2019年のJリーグで活躍した選手などを表彰するJリーグ・アウォーズ。表彰される得点王のマルコスジュニオール(左)。右はJリーグの村井満チェアマン=8日午後、東京都港区

J-League Awards honoring players who played in the J-League in 2019. Marcos Junior, the top scorer, is awarded [left]. Right: Chairman J. League Chairman Mitsuru Murai = Afternoon on the 8th, Minato-ku, Tokyo 【Jiji Press】 ▼ 8Dec2019 Jiji Press | Nakakawa's first MVP Best Eleven is from F Tokyo-J League Awards Ceremony 2019 J The J League Awards will be held in Tokyo on the 8th to recognize players who have played in the league, and Yokohama M FW Teruhito Nakagawa, who won J1 for the first time in 15 seasons, will be the first player to win the MVP. Was chosen. This is the first award for a Japanese player who has not participated in the A team, and is the third [fourth] since Yokohama S in Nakamura Shunsuke [now Yokohama C] in 2013. Nakagawa was also the first scoring champion with a record 15 goals. This is the seventh simultaneous award with MVP. Best Eleven has 10 first awards. In addition to Nakagawa, FW Marcos Junior who shared the top scorers, MF Takuya Kida and four other Yokohama M groups. F1 Tokyo, the 2nd place in J1, was awarded the 5th award DF Masato Morishige and FW Kensuke Nagai, the most 6 players. Kobe's MF Iniesta was also awarded for the first time. Kawasaki midfielder Tanaka was selected for the Best Young Player Award, the rookie of the year. Kobe FW Villa on June 30 for Best Goal Award


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