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Guest: Yoshikatsu Hayashi Showa's leading photographer: E …

ゲスト◇林 義勝(Yoshikatsu Hayashi)昭和を代表する写真家:…

Guest: Yoshikatsu Hayashi The fourth representative of Showa Photographer: Tadahiko Hayashi. With his debut in portrait photography, he has been active in the editorial field. He excels at photography of “traditional performing arts” such as Kabuki and Noh, as well as theme photography incorporating “history” such as literature and climate. Currently, he is working on shooting original landscapes in Japan and “dragons” and “noh”. Held numerous photo exhibitions in Japan and abroad and achieved success. Currently, she is involved in the development of photography lovers through photo seminars and screenings. Currently a member of the Japan Photographers Association. Representative of Tadahiko Hayashi's work laboratory.


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